Sakura Rose Macarons


I don’t remember if I told you, but last Christmas my aunt went to Japan and bought some pickled sakura flowers back for me. Now it was time for some experimenting because my grand-aunts from Australia were coming over to stay for 4 days and my mom asked me to make something for them.

When I soaked the flowers in warm water to steep I was quite horrified by the smell really. It was sour and extremely salty – it didn’t smell fragrant at all. In the end I didn’t use the tea that I made from the flowers because it was just too strange-tasting. At first cringe-worthy salty, and then a weird after-taste.

In the end I decided to make a rose filling instead, believing that it would pair well with the cherry blossoms. IMG_20150326_144017

It was very time-consuming to decorate the macarons with individual sakura flowers. This is definitely for special occasions only. IMG_20150326_144055

However, I daresay the result was actually pretty pleasant and pleasing to the eye! 🙂

If you didn’t know, sakuras are actually my second-favorite flower after tulips. ❤ IMG_20150326_144142

Ugh. Now I have to get back to writing stupid essays and planning stupid projects which have no help in my future whatsoever. But as my papa says, it’s not about what grades you get, it’s about what you learn! And I have learnt that a swimming pool could actually have played a role indirectly in discouraging drug abuse. Cool huh. I don’t have explicit evidence to prove it, just snippets of information that totally add up to form a story and it is just very fun to do. However, I predict I will get a C for it because what I am doing is totally not matching up to my tutor’s expectations. Ugh.


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