Lemon Curd Macarons


Well. It’s been a bloody hot week. And I couldn’t stand statistics anymore, so I decided to make these tart, lemon curd macarons.

I tried making macarons with the Italian meringue method, and I love it. The shells dry up so quickly! And the egg  whites whip up very nicely when combined with the sugar syrup. This is my second time making macs using the Italian method – I failed the first time as I overcooked my syrup and it hardened in the mixing bowl, but I think I’m going to keep this method and improve it anyway.

The recipe for the macaron shells is from Anges de Sucre. and it is foolproof – except that you have to change the baking time slightly in case depending on the size of your shells. I like 150°C because my macaron feet (as seen above) will turn out perfectly, instead of exploding and going all over the place.


Since I was in a hurry, I used leftover vanilla buttercream and store-bought lemon curd as the filling. The shells were so sweet (something which I definitely have to fix), but the curd countered the sweetness with it’s tartness, and it tastes so good. But my shells are still chewy, so I think I have to bake the shells at a higher temperature for a shorter period of time in order to get that egg shell like texture.

Can’t wait to make my next batch! I’ve been dreaming of making this last night, and I just couldn’t study any longer. It’s been 35° Celsius average here in Singapore, and we just had our first rain shower in like, 2 weeks I think? About time too.



The great thing about finding a basic recipe, is that you can tweak it to create different flavors of your choice – I suggest you start making vanilla macarons, which are the simplest and easiest to do. After you’ve perfected your technique of folding in the whipped egg whites into the almond dough to create a macaronage, you can start experimenting with different flavors and ingredients 🙂




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