Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes


School has been extremely stressful for me this past week. I needed to de-stress so I came over to blog about these chocolate peanut butter cupcakes my friend asked me to make for him on Monday.

I realized that to make an extremely good chocolate peanut butter cupcake, you need to cut down slightly on the amount of cocoa powder you put into the cupcake batter and increase the amount of peanut butter you typically find in normal peanut butter flavored frostings. However, I think the intensity of the nutty saltiness in this brand of peanut butter spread is extraordinarily low – I should just stick to Skippy’s from now on. IMG_20150323_154247

If you are wondering what those white flowers are doing there, I just wanted to experiment with the idea of decorating cupcakes with real flowers for special occasions, and I daresay this will definitely be the go-to decoration for weddings or girl’s birthday parties if I am ever invited to bake for one 🙂 So simple and gorgeous, makes it look like a garden.  IMG_20150325_060736Also, I should just stick to using a 1M tip for piping Mr Whippy swirls – a 2D nozzle just makes it look extremely messy.

On a gloomy side-note, Singapore’s first Prime Minister Mr Lee Kuan Yew passed away 2 days ago. The state is in a 7 day period of mourning, and for good reason.  Without him, it’s probably safe to say that I won’t be living the life I would be living right now (I may have been in Australia or New Zealand, as my dad so aptly put it). I wouldn’t have experienced the experiences I had in my life, and met the people that made me who I am today and in a way helped me find my own way life, either because they were good friends who gave me advice or were just dickheads because they taught me never to be as large a dick as they were to me. ❤

Hard to believe that Singapore is 50 years old and already a first world country. Can’t believe that it’s more expensive than Paris, London and New York either. What an achievement! And all started single-handedly by Mr Lee who took a risk and called for independence. Thank you Mr Lee, you’re da best.


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