White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies


White Chocolate and Cranberries were a match made in heaven.

I’ve said that line so many times I really need to think of a different way to make things sound delicious and heavenly.

Anyway, they really are. These cookies are crispy on the outside but chewy on the inside – although I really need to improve on their aesthetic appearance. I’ve been working on it for the past few cookie batches but I just can’t seem to get it right – I want my cookies to be round and crinkly (like the picture above, except they aren’t perfectly round).   IMG_20150408_151945

Anyway, at least the taste is there so there’s nothing much I have to change about that. Also, I am very sorry I did not post anything for the last two weeks? Projects, assignments, deadlines, and tests were occupying my mind for those whole 14 days, and I had no time to bake anything until now.

Yesterday, lectures and friends had me questioning my existence (not for the first time this semester). Firstly, what is physicality? What makes an object there? For example, if you put a bottle in front of you, you’ll think that the bottle was in front of you. But when you turn your back to it the bottle is BEHIND you – physicality just IS, and perception exists only to beings who can interpret it.

Secondly, baking and philosophy really don’t go hand in hand, so I think I should stop here.


Yum yum in my tum tum. Anyway, I have to get started on narrating my video for my history module now and start questioning my life and how to get on with it 😦


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