Lavender Honey Macarons


At first I didn’t understand what the great deal of lavender was in baking until I decided to give my tastebuds a try by making these lavender honey macarons. The combination between these two flavors is so harmonious I’m not even going to think about pairing different ingredients with lavender.

The perfume which these macarons give out due to the infused lavender inside them fills up my kitchen while it’s in the oven – I’m not even joking. It’s that powerful. But of course, you have to be able to balance the amount of these dried flowers in the recipe – too much and it will have a soapy taste or it will taste like air freshener, as did my first batch tasted.IMG_20150125_135124I think another aspect which I’m proud of is it’s color – I experimented with the amount of food coloring I should add into the macaron shells, and came up with this lovely lilac hue.

Tip: Always make your macaron shells a slightly darker color than what you’d want them to be, because the color will fade slightly in the oven.

IMG_20150125_161256Practice and experiment and soon you’ll be able to create these multi-colored, assorted flavored macarons! Featured here are coffee, vanilla, lemon, coconut lime, lavender honey and raspberry vanilla. Hopefully I can do a full write-up on each flavor in the future 😦


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