Milk Chocolate with Coconut Filling


This flavor was inspired by the Bounty chocolate bar which I remembered eating when I was a kid. It’s a milk chocolate shell with a coconut cream filling. I have realized that the temperature at which the different chocolates are tempered are slightly different – by how much I’m not very sure, but I do notice a slight trend. For example, milk and white chocolate definitely require  lower temperatures to be tempered, so here’s a little fun fact that you may want to consider when trying to make your own chocolates. 🙂IMG_20150125_175545I tried shaking and banging the moulds on the countertop to get rid of air bubbles at the bottom of the moulds so my exterior would get a less hole-y surface, and I daresay that it worked! Furthermore, I managed to make the coating a little less thick so that more filling could be piped into the individual chocolates, and I think the ratio of filling to shell is just right here 😀

I just can’t wait to try out some more different flavors and variations!



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