Sakuras in Singapore


I’m sorry if I was a little bit misleading with the title, but there are NO sakuras/cherry blossoms in Singapore. It’s much too cold for that. Although, there were for a short two weeks in Singapore, meticulously and lovingly cultivated in one of the largest greenhouse in the world (as of now) – the Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay.

I cannot describe how beautiful the flowers looked. And also the queue. But more of how lovely all the flowers looked. There were 20 different varieties in there, some had not blossomed, whilst others were already starting to wither. Some trees were incredibly tall, about 4m in height, whilst others were just branches growing out haphazardly from the ground. Some were tall and straight like a Queen’s Guard, whilst others were bent and haggard, leaving trails of blossoms all over the ground. Some flowers were pink, some were white, and some were a mixture of both. But overall, all were beautiful.


I love how the branches just cascade down, and the smell of the flowers is overwhelming. Ahhhh so pretty! Now I’m even more motivated to travel to Tokyo during the sakura seasons to catch  a glimpse of the flowers. Sakuras are one of my most favorite flowers because they are so tiny, but so elegant. And as one flower, they may look insignificant and normal, but when the tree is in full blossom it’s jaw-dropping.

Anyway, talking about the queue.

As you can probably tell from pictures of Singapore, it’s a ridiculously hot island. So of course, these fragile plants had to be grown in the greenhouse, where temperature ranges from 18-20 degrees (I think). So my bestie and I had to queue for 30minutes for a ticket, and a further 30 minutes inside the Flower Dome just to get up close and personal with the flowers. Of course, we couldn’t get THAT personal because we weren’t allowed to touch them. But we could go close enough to touch them, and boy did they look magnificent.


We went early in the morning at 10am, and there was such fabulous light. Golden rays of sunshine shining down and lighting up the area with such beautiful natural light. These photos aren’t photo-shopped by the way. The colors are real, and the lighting is real. I just used the selective-focus option on my camera (which is a Samsung, no product advertisement here).

I wish Singapore had the four seasons. Then at least I won’t be sweating my arse down here. And at least look forward to some variety in landscape and color.


Anyway, they even included a little Japanese gateway for this exhibition! The little touches that the gardeners/organizers add really make a difference. I think this red gateway represents the entrance to a holy site in Japan, most normally a temple or a protected area. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s what I learned in Japan (I went there 2 years ago).

Adios muchacos! And have a pleasant week ahead! ❤


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