Best. Donut. Recipe. Ever.


These donuts are the best donuts I have ever eaten and made at home. Comparable to Krispy Kreme. I used Chefsteps’ recipe for these Bulletproof Fluffy Yeasted Donuts, and when they mean bulletproof, I really do mean bulletproof. This is the first time I ever tried this recipe, the third time i tried out a donut recipe from the net, and the first time I succeeded in making legit donuts.

The only part where I screwed up was when I was heating the wet ingredients to 43°C. I would recommend everyone to use a thermometer to bring up the wet ingredients to that temperature OR below. If the mixture is too hot it will kill your yeast when you add it into the wet ingredients, and your dough won’t rise.

I killed mine the first time, but luckily it’s the first step in the donut-making process so I could start over.


You can make filled donuts and ring donuts from this recipe, and don’t forget to fry the donut holes to make yummy little snacks for yourself!

These donuts are super fluffy and airy. When you squeeze the donut after it’s cooked, it will spring back. It’s the best donut recipe I have ever made in my life. I’m definitely going to make some more goodies using Chefsteps’ recipes!

These treats were half gone within half an hour after frying them, which is a huge surprise because most were eaten by my parents who are, as you guys know (if you do know) are the ultimate gym and health freaks. They loved it so much they asked me to make more the next day!


Other than that, just take some time to admire how yummy they look?

Glazes are really fun to do, and they can be done as you’re waiting for your donut dough to rise during the second proofing. I made a classic pink donut glaze from icing sugar, milk, and salt (to balance out the sweetness). The white chocolate and dark chocolate glazes were just melted chocolate which I tempered.

Cinnamon sugar mix is totally up to you. I used a teaspoon of ground cinnamon for every 100g of caster sugar, but you can adjust the amount of cinnamon to put according to your taste.

Also. Don’t be like me. Remember to buy funfetti sprinkles. I totally forgot, and most of my donuts were very un-jazzed up. But it still tasted wonderful.


Look at how airy and spongy these are? They are so light to eat, and I really recommend you guys to try out this recipe. It’s amaze-balls.


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