It’s a Winter Wonderland


*Important* I would like to apologize to everybody who tried to order a cake from me via my e-mail address. This week was so hectic, checking my e-mail slipped my mind. From helping to organize a birthday celebration, attending an ORD parade, baking two bulk orders, birthday cakes, and meetings in school. It must have been extremely frustrating for you as I could only reply you 4 days after you sent the e-mail, especially since you sounded so sincere about ordering from me. I hope you’ll understand, and may you have blessed days ahead!

Well, two finals down, one more to go. What a relief. I took a “break” from studies and baked for a friend’s 21st which was Christmas themed. I say “break” because I stood up from 7am – 7pm, 12 hours baking baking and baking. At least I could rest my mind a bit, but it was physically quite exhausting.

Nonetheless, here are some the bakes I made for her birthday! She requested a lavender earl grey two-tier cake, and added: “By the way babe, my party is Christmas themed.” So I made fondant from scratch, punched out different sized snowflakes, and streaked my buttercream icy blue – a very white Christmas indeed.Β  I’m honored and lucky that she trusts my interpretation of her cake, and I’m glad to say she enjoyed it very much πŸ™‚ nothing else beats the feeling of making somebody happy.


It was a great find for me when I entered a party shop and found some pine cones! After thoroughly washing them I propped them onto the cake as extra inedible decoration – just as beautification πŸ˜‰ I thought itΒ  added a slightly rustic touch to the cake too.

I also made some cupcakes – vanilla and cinnamon cupcakes. I added a bit of ginger into the cinnamon cupcakes, just to give it a little gingerbread-taste. I had to punch out more snowflakes for the cupcakes, and some yellow stars for the cupcakes as well. Sprinkling the decorations evenly onto all the Christmas tree cupcakes was probably the most time-consuming thing ever! After making and punching out shapes from my fondant.


It was great seeing all my friends from hall again. I must say it’s quite my fault that I don’t really keep in touch with them by going back, but I really don’t know if I’m intruding on their study time. NUS Year 2 is really tough, and I don’t think they’ll have time for my rantings. But I should put in more effort to meet up with them. My fault guys, if you’re reading this.

Lesson of the day: don’t take the people that enter your life for granted my dears. It’s easy to say: “Let’s meet up.” But the conscious effort of taking some time out to travel and meet is something totally different. I must say I have much to improve in this area.



Anyway, enough of my Confucius moments.

I’ll end here with my most favorite picture of the cake. Goodbye everyone. It’s almost December. The Christmas decorations in my house are up, and it’s raining nearly everyday – typical Singapore Christmas weather. I hope that everybody will enjoy their upcoming holidays.

I probably won’t be able to post for another 2 weeks because I’ll be gone for my overseas community service project in the Philippines from the 7th to the 22nd of December, and from there I’ll be flying off to Iceland on the 23rd December to the 4th of January. So please bear with my absence. I’ll write posts of my adventures here as soon as possible πŸ™‚


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