Random Diary Entry #2


I made 3 cakes this weekend, and they all turned out spectacularly well! 3 different flavors, 3 different heights.

The first I made was a chocolate peppermint cake. Upon request, I made it shorter – so it was constructed with only 3 layers and lots of buttercream hinted with a taste of mint. Decorating is the most favorite part of making any cake for me – therapeutic, and able to transform a boring, semi-naked cake to something with character at the same time. I like my cakes with character, and try to make each one different. So here I decided to sprinkle some mint chocolates, crushed kit-kate, crushed candy canes, and a dark chocolate drizzle, just to remind everybody that there is chocolate in this cake!


The second cake I made was a dark chocolate and green tea layer cake. This is quite tall – about 6 inches in height. I probably have to come up with a new green tea cake recipe because green tea reacts unfavorably with baking powder I believe – I think I’ll have to create one using the egg-whipping method. Anyway, the dark chocolate is not very strong, but enough to complement with the green tea. And extra matcha flavor comes from the green tea drizzle as well! Just loving the drippings on my cakes now.

Strawberries for a splash of red, and crushed meringues and kit kat for some extra color contrast.


Now this, this is a giant.

10 inches tall, 8 layers stacked on top of each other, and probably 3.5h of hard work created this two-tier speculoos Biscoff cake. The frosting is totally vanilla but dyed different colors. It was a bit tricky for this cake because the day I decided (or rather, had to) make it ended up being 36°C. My buttercream would start melting 1minute after being taken out of the fridge, so I had to work with lightning speed when transferring the smaller tier onto the larger one.

I’ve come a long way from making my first cake, and even though there have been setbacks and times when I nearly cried from stress, I am so loving the journey and can’t wait to see where this path takes me 🙂


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