Speculoos “Biscoff” Cake


After ending all 7 of my presentations in 2 months, I have never felt so alive and more free. SMU has definitely taught me how to balance my time, and within these short few months I feel that I can speak with more confidence in front of a crowd – and I don’t even need a script anymore! On average, students give 80 presentations within their 4 year Business course, and I can vouch that this is definitely not a lie.

Anyway, I jazzed up my chai tea cake 🙂

The cake base is still a fluffy, cinnamon and ginger spiced sponge, with speculoos “Biscoff” spread between layers and coated with some vanilla buttercream. This was a present for a very good friend of mine, so I decided to swirl some metallic gold dust into the ganache (perfectly edible of course). Toppings were a variety of textures and flavors, but which complemented the flavor anyway.


A side view of the cake on my lovely cake stand which I bought for $19. Not only that, but it’s turnable! Hohoho good buy I say.

Loving the drippings and semi-frosted nakedness of this cake. I do think that I have to improve on photography and lighting skills – I just can’t seem to adjust the white balance at all. It’s extremely annoying, especially when everything looks super saturated. Somebody please give me a crash course on food photography 😥


A zoomed-in closeup of the decorations and glitter on the top of this cake. I can’t wait to bake more! I’m having a total craving to bake stuff right now, but I have to save money…sigh.

I’m going night cycling today! I haven’t cycled or gotten any exercise for ages! I’m going to the new stadium in Singapore – the Sports Hub. It’s going to look absolutely fabulous at midnight; maybe I’ll even go eat some dim sum later. Hehe. I hope I don’t  get lost though – but that’s what Google Maps are for!


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