Matcha White Chocolate Cake



I guess you can tell that I have been super busy with school lately. 7 presentations and 3 group reports later, I can finally blog!!

This is a white chocolate and matcha cake, the flavor combination requested specifically by my friend for his girlfriend. This is probably going to be my new style of design. Each cake is 3 to 4 layers tall depending on the diameter, and decorated with a drizzle. I love rustic and messy looking toppings. It just makes everything look so much more interesting.

This cake has green tea layers, layered with white chocolate buttercream, and finally finished with a matcha chocolate glaze. I used biscuits and fruits to give the cake more color and texture as well.



My lovely green tea cake batter. I’m just loving my new recipe although it’s a bit rich, it’s not too sweet and it’s oh so fluffy. Just gorgeous in my opinion. Hohoho.

School has been a burden as always. I can’t express it more than that. At least I have wonderful team members and I wouldn’t have survived without them, seriously. Even though we’re bogged down with projects and reports, we still find time to laugh and make meetings interesting. Not only that, they are as weird as me! No, seriously. It’s super weird but I managed to find some people who have the same weird retarded humor. One presentation resulted in me dressing up as a walnut farmer, throwing real walnuts at my friend in a blind rage. I have to admit, at least this escapade helped a lot in class engagement.

Other than that, finals are in 3 weeks. I’m probably not going to bake anything else, other than a couple more orders in the next few weeks because they’re for my friends birthdays – that one I can’t turn down. At least it gives me a good few hours to relax.


School is flying by so fast. I’m so unprepared for next semester – it’s going to be one crazy hell of a semester since I’m taking the maximum number of modules I can study. I guess it just takes a lot of getting used to, and time management as well. Not like this semester when I only studied 3 days before tests haha. Oh dear, time for me to up my game and aim for an A.

I’m going to miss baking though 😦


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