Chai Milk Tea Cake


This chai tea cake was an instant hit, with my classmates, my family, and myself.

Chai is simply a blend of spices, mainly cinnamon, ginger, and cloves. You can adjust the ratios of spices to create your own blend. I layered each cake layer with crunchy speculoos Biscoff spread, which is a caramelized biscuit – and this totally complemented the spices inside the cake. I also melted some Biscoff spread and poured it over the top of the cake, just to give it more identity in the cake (if that makes sense). I used plain vanilla buttercream for the exterior – the flavor isn’t too overpowering, because I want the lovely spices inside the cake to be hero of the entire dessert.

As I said before, I brought it along to class, and my German exchange friend said that “It tastes just like Christmas!” I brought 5 slices to class, and they were nearly all gone in 10minutes. My friend even ‘sabo-ed’ me (a Singaporean slang for sabotaging) and gave it to my tutor to eat! I WANTED TO DISAPPEAR and tried to hide behind my laptop. But she said “Mmmm this is REALLY good!” and now the entire class knows I bake and they actually know my name.

So guys, lesson learned. If you wanna have an ice-breaker, bring along some cake.


Well, this new flavor is definitely going to be on my menu. Especially since I have a whole bunch of friends who are dying to be my guinea pigs.

The haze is back in Singapore, and it hasn’t been this bad since 2 years ago when the PSI reached it’s record high for 405 or something like that. Highest here so far was 250++. It’s terrible. You can smell the dust in your room, even with all the windows closed and the air-con on. If I place a cup of water on my bedside table, leave it overnight, and drink it when I wake up, I can taste the dirt inside – it’s horrible. So guys, please save the environment. Don’t burn down all the trees because there are more environmentally friendly ways to do it, even though it’s more time-consuming. For the world’s sake and for your sake too.


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