Banana Bread


This banana bread got me like my oh myyy (Black Eyed Peas reference over here).

Spiced with cinnamon, and flavored with real bananas (obviously), this bread is extremely moist and bursting with flavor. It’s extremely light and easy to eat – in a sense that it isn’t a very dense cake. Optionally, I could have folded in some crushed walnuts for texture, but I typically dislike nuts so I opted not to. The walnuts will give it a slightly roasted flavor, which totally complements the bananas – I used 3 small extremely over-ripe bananas for these 2 mini loaves. Each loaf pan is 6″ x 3″ x 3.5″.

It was a total crowd pleaser, especially to my friend’s baby cousin, who gobbled it down and fought over the last piece. I had to promise him that I would bring him more goodies the next time I visited.


The loaves look super moist, but that’s because of the sour cream I added. You can’t taste the sour cream in the bread, but it gives it a tender crumb and an extremely moist interior. I just love how you can see the cinnamon and some banana speckled all over. Nomnomnom!

Also, apologies for no posts at all for the past 25 days. School has got me going berserk, and now that most of my hell-week is over, I finally have some time to write this post. Also, I have recently gone on an extreme shopping spree because I realized how badly stocked my wardrobe is. Going to school in town is extremely expensive – not only do you have to eat out for recess, but you have to dress up for class. And considering that I am a sloppy person who permanently looks like I just pulled my head out from a bush (I have very fly-away hair), I have been reprimanded by my classmates for not dressing up nicely on more than on occasion.

I am pleased to announce that I have revamped my wardrobe, and I am off online shopping until I am 21 (which is when I can splurge on many more things because people will volunteer to pay for my desired goods). Hohoho.

Anyway, I’ve made lots of more goodies lately, and I do have the photos stored on the computer, so I can definitely upload them onto new posts over the next few weeks 😉


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