Dark Chocolates with Matcha Filling


It took my 4 hours just to make 55 chocolates because I only had one chocolate mould. I am very put-off from making chocolates.

But it looks amazing, and I love it.

I previously made white chocolates with a matcha filling, but I soon realized that dark chocolate went way better with the matcha – it created a very stark contrast in taste, which made it more interesting. That’s right, the white chocolate matcha was more boring than the dark chocolate.


Tempering chocolate is not only tricky and needs some getting used to – but different types of chocolate have different melting points. White chocolate is the hardest to temper because it has the lowest melting point out of all the three different types of chocolate (milk, dark, and white).  Don’t ask me why, but it has something to do with the amount of cocoa solids inside – dark is the most stable and easiest to work with because it has the highest ratio of cocoa solids in them, roughly 70% most of the time if I’m not wrong. I’m not a chocolate pro sadly.

But once you get the hang of making chocolates, you’ll become addicted. It’s amazing.

But don’t be like me, and please buy more than one chocolate mould when performing a bulk order.


Which one do you think looks nicer – the chocolate or my nails? 😉


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