Cookies n’ Creme Macarons


I have finally gotten round to writing another blog post.

It is now my third week of school, and presentations and quizzes are already pouring in. For an introvert like me, that’s a major stress factor. Students are muggers (they bring their sleeping bags and sleep over in school). But at least I have some orders this week that gives me a valid reason to de-stress, and so here I am sharing my cookies n’ cream macarons!

These macarons are a sight for sore eyes – it not only looks inviting, it tastes amazing. I sprinkled some crushed Oreos onto the tops of the macaron shells as they were drying, to give them a lovely cookie crumble topping. I also folded some semi-crushed Oreos into the vanilla filling – so that there will be some texture within it.


The tip for you today is to sprinkle your crushed toppings onto your macaron shells BEFORE baking and AFTER the shells have begun to lose their shine – if you decorate your shells after baking it’s obviously not going to stick. But if you sprinkle your toppings on earlier in the drying stage, there’s a chance that your shells will become cracked and warped in the oven. It happened to me a few times.


And there you have it – a lovely cookies n’ cream macaron. The perfect combination of vanilla and chocolate cookies anybody could ask for. And I daresay they look great in a box.

School has been a chore for me as of late – I need to sleep at 10pm every day if not the following morning I will not be able to function – this university is such a contrast to my previous one. The competitive class part is I think, a very stupid way to encourage students to speak up in class. Most of the time it just creates an even larger divide between those who wish to get marks and are shameless enough to raise their hand 5 times each lesson, and those who really have something constructive to share and are reserved. I’m not saying that these two types of personalities are at fault, but the class part section is really too much.

It’s just about adapting to your environment, and I’m still in the middle of doing so.


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