Salted Caramel Earl Grey Dream


I had this sudden idea to write a post about each customized cake I made, and give each cake a name so that in future if there comes a time when a customer doesn’t know what kind of cake to order exactly, I could present her with a “lucky draw” kind of cake surprise – a combination of all her favorite flavors moulded into one cake, but in totally different styles.

I don’t even know if I’m speaking sense here, but I thought it would be quite fun and interesting if it really worked out.

It probably won’t though.

But anyway, here’s a three-layer salted caramel earl grey cake, topped with matcha chocolate macarons and a large bouquet of fresh roses and baby’s breath. When I first got the order from my college friend who was thinking of a cake to buy for his girlfriend, he told me: “Please make it pretty!” And the entire way I was making this I was asking my helper: “Is it nice? Does it look pretty??”


Matcha macarons are quite queer, in a sense that they seem to be softer than the regular macarons even though I use the exact same recipe except that I substitute some almond flour for matcha powder. I think it’s the matcha powder that is to blame 😦 But my solution was to bake the shells for a tad longer and immediately after they cooled on the tray I stuffed them into an air-tight container and threw them into the fridge to chill and harden slightly.

It did work. Sort of. Still kind of soft and chewy though. But tastes great anyhow.


I’m quite happy at the way this turned out. Rustic but elegant in a sense. And the colors match quite well in my opinion – chosen with the help of my trusty man-slave who is artistic and has a good eye for color and design.

Also, yay for flowers ❤


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