Speculoos Cookies


I am so in love with the tablespoon ice cream scoop I bought to dish out my cookie dough. All my cookies come out so uniform, round, and wonderfully craggy. Beautiful.

These Speculoos (Cookie Butter/Lotus Biscuit spread) cookies have a nutty and slightly caramel taste. It’s slightly chewy but still maintains that crunchiness when you bite into it – everything I look forward to in a cookie. I dislike totally crispy cookies – it feels boring and so filling and hard to eat.


Ta-daa. So cutely round and uniform. I just love cookies – now that I’ve mastered the basic recipe, it’s time for me to experiment with more flavors. I’m probably going to come up with one with berries or lemon. I’m not very sure, but I’m definitely going to do something with oats as well for my grandparents.

These cookies were actually made specially for my granny actually – she’s my number 1 fan. She’ll constantly message me asking for the latest pictures I’ve taken of the goods I’ve baked for people, and when I show her pictures of cookies she’ll say: “Are there any leftovers for me?” And truly when she comes over the first place she’ll go to is the fridge where she’ll search high and low for any remaining sweets.

Also, since my grandpa is on a strict nut-free and chocolate diet, these are great for him as well 🙂


These are the same cookies but with bits of Lotus biscuits folded into them for extra crunch. It looks more appealing as well in my opinion, like it won’t be so boring and lame.

I’m in charge of running a fundraising booth for that marine conservation project I was talking about in my previous post. I’m thinking of selling some cookies with a little tag attached to the wrapper telling buyers about our cause and what we do. I wonder if that’s a good idea (I don’t know if we’re licensed to sell stuff to the students but I hope so, especially if it’s only fundraising). People won’t really be attracted simply by badges and stickers and stuff – food is what they’re after most of the time, especially since our school is in town and cheap food is hard to find. I know there is probably going to be loads of cookies I’ll have to make for an event like that, but I’ve catered 300 macarons before, so I should be fine 🙂

I’m just throwing ideas out, but if anybody with much more creativity than me suddenly has a wonderful idea that springs to mind, that will be so awesome~


2 thoughts on “Speculoos Cookies

  1. I’m part dutch so I loove speculoos. They’re particularly good in between bread – sounds weird but is actually awesome!


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