Random Diary Entry #1


I’m going to show you pictures of some of the cakes and stuff I baked over the weekend. Yes, the weekend.

Above is a photo of the 5 macaron flavors I made – red velvet, raspberry vanilla, lavender honey, rosewater, and plain vanilla. I’m trying to improve my photo skills – photos which tell a story in the simplest design and understandable to everyone, so they don’t just look good. I’m probably going to take a picture like this when I make all my flavors (if there ever comes a day) so stay tuned for that.


This is a blue velvet cake.

It was my first time piping that blue border on the top of the cake, and I think it was not bad for a first attempt. Anyhow, this reminds me of the sea – something I love so much.

Oh! And I MAY be going for an overseas community service project which revolves around marine conservation in Malapascua, Cebu. My duty is to collect data for research and set up equipment etc. I really don’t know if I can get in though – I really hope I do.


And this finally, is a red velvet floral garden cake I made for my friend’s grandmother who loves flowers and is so extremely cute and sweet. I wrapped the large flower with aluminium foil so that bits of the stem won’t get stuck in the cake, but for the smaller flowers I merely washed thoroughly, soaked, and then dried them out before inserting them in.

Technically, you’re supposed to trim off the stems and thread a thin wire through the florets as a fake stem, but it can’t work for these flowers so I just did it my way. The flowers are inedible of course – for mere decoration.


Another perspective of my cake.

Many say the cake is too tall – it’s about 4″ high. I’d say it was just right – at least you can feed more people with this! You can probably feed 20 with this sized cake. Also, I’d say it was slightly dense – but red velvets are supposed to be like that with the tangy cream cheese frosting. It won’t hurt to improve on the recipe though, even if it does taste alright.

Til more baking adventures and stories to tell ๐Ÿ™‚


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