White Chocolate Chip Cookies


I’ve written so often about white chocolate chip cookies, because I love them so much. Bittersweet chocolate chips are so diabetic I don’t want to have another bite of a cookie containing them. White chocolate chips however, have a less sweet tang and a wonderfully melt-in-your-mouth taste.

My latest and newest recipe results in thin, crisp cookies – but which are chewy and soft on the inside. Very contrasting textures, which I love. It’s addictive – I was told by my friend that his little cousin took 5 at once after eating his first cookie. Very honored to have toddlers enjoying my food – especially because their age group is the most picky šŸ˜€


I have to say my cookies taste almost like Subway’s. At least, that’s what I aspire mine to taste like – theirs tastes the least sweet, so everyone can enjoy them. It’s the best kind really.

Also, Happy Birthday Singapore!

My country turns 50 today! For a country so young, it has grown by leaps and bounds – even my parents are older than the nation for heaven’s sake, and they don’t grow taller at all. I’m going to try and go down to watch the fireworks at Marina Bay. I heard that there will be 360Ā° fireworks! Meaning that the corporate buildings surrounding the bay itself will also be spewing fireworks from their tops in addition to the usual catapulting from the floating firework launchers (I really don’t know the proper term).

It’s going to be crazy busy though. I expect myself to take at least 2 hours to get home from there. And I’m going alone šŸ˜¦ But I’m never going to miss this potentially majestic display for the world!


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