White Chocolate Raspberry Blondies


These white chocolate raspberry blondies are fudgy and moist but hold their shape very well anyway. I made these a year back, but decided to update the recipe because the test batch was so soggy – a long delay to this update!

You can’t really taste the white chocolate in these yet – more like an undertone, not the main star. Definitely have to fold some white chocolate chips into this batter – note to self! The raspberries give a nice stark contrast – taste wise. It’s tart and wakes up the mouth. But after 25 minutes in the oven the raspberries are soft and squishy – I probably have to use dried raspberries or something, so it won’t make the blondie even more wet. IMG_20150724_103520

I like how they look so cute lined up in rows and cut into little squares 🙂

These blondies are the first of four flavors to be packed and sent to my church canteen this Sunday. My church’s societies always take turns to cook/bake goodies for the congregation every Sunday. Of course, it’s all donation (cost and labor wise) and the profits go to charity. I think it’s rather cute.

I’m kinda dreading selling them though. Hawking and shouting “Brownies brownies get your fix of brownies here” while jingling a little silver bell does not appeal to me at all. But I guess if I want to set up a business I’ve got to be more shameless in this area – note to self. IMG_20150725_094413 (1)On a side note, school is starting in 3 weeks 😦


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