Marbled Pound Cake

IMG_20150718_235150Traditional pound cakes are exactly what the name suggests – the ingredients all weigh the same. A pound of flour, pound of eggs, pound of butter, and pound of sugar. Now not only does this traditional recipe make a very dense loaf, it also makes one that takes centuries to finish.

If you ever do want to start creating your own recipes, you should start from this most basic one. Apparently, the pound cake is the mother of all cakes – every cake recipe is modified and improved from this basic one. But I would suggest using self-raising flour to give the cake an extra needed lift.IMG_20150717_104149

Pound cakes are recognisable by their brown crunchy exterior and the signaiture dome on their tops. To get the extra brown crust on your cakes, I suggest buttering your mould and then flour-ing it. Also, bake it at a relatively high temperature, about 180°C.IMG_20150717_102849To get the marbled effect, simply make a vanilla pound cake batter and set aside 1/3 of it and add some cocoa powder to it (this is totally up to your taste). Pour half of the vanilla batter into the pan, then dollop the chocolate batter over it, and finally cover the the chocolate pound cake batter with the remaining vanilla.

So easy and fun to do – your kids can help out! If you have any that is.


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