Matcha Macarons with Chocolate Ganache Filling


Matcha and chocolate are a flavor combination that never goes wrong; be it milk, dark, or white chocolate, these different tastes combine perfectly together. My preference though is matcha and white – the faint sweetness of the white chocolate helps to balance the bitter green tea taste (which affects me a lot because I just hate green tea), but with this flavor combination I can manage a few macarons by myself 🙂

This flavor combination was made in celebration of a good friend’s 21st birthday – and she loves matcha and chocolate (wow, I would never have guessed!). Such a small thing to make for a 21st birthday, but her mother insisted on me not making anything for her. Hazelnut crunch cake would have been another option.

Hmmm…hazelnut crunch cake. An idea is already popping into my head.IMG_20150715_154548

The filling is a simple chocolate ganache, thickened cream to chocolate ratio 2:1. If you really wanted to you could add in a teaspoon of golden syrup to make it look extremely glossy, but I thought, heck it. There’s enough calories in one of these cookies anyway. And my friend is supposed to be on a diet.

Just trying to be a good and responsible friend here ❤

You see my macaron shells are spotty – I’ve figured out that it’s because when the weather is too cold/humid (anything opposite dry and hot) the macaron shells take a long time to dry out when resting before they enter the oven. Because of this longer than usual resting time all the spots appear. If not they will look perfectly smooth.

SO lesson learned kids – don’t bake macarons in the morning or at night, if your kitchen isn’t in a controlled environment and you live in a hot and humid country with an average temperature of 32°C and 89% humidity level – which just so happens to fit the weather conditions of my lovely sunny Singapore. What a coincidence!IMG_20150715_132952 But it tastes all good and well, and if you aren’t bothering to sell these, they are a perfect gift for any loved one or helping to ruin the diet of very good friends.


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