Triple Chocolate Fudgy Brownies


Hi everyone I’m back!

Half an hour after I posted the S’more Brownie post, I’ve decided to blog about these lovely fudgy-licious triple chocolate brownies. Oh yes. The brownie is soft when you bite into it, and then it sticks to the roof of your mouth and slowly melts away. I’m quite surprised myself really – after the handful of failed batches of brownies, I was waiting to be disappointed but I wasn’t. Yay! Today is a good day.IMG_20150715_105733

I love the look of it, and I love the taste of it. Nothing too fancy, and yet nothing too plain. The fudgy interior is a stark contrast to the crunchy chocolate chips folded throughout the brownie. I think I may have finally found the base brownie recipe I was working hard to find (I couldn’t really sleep for the past few days because I was thinking about it)! Time to introduce some new variations 😀

They are also very easy to slice and can hold their shape well. My previous brownies were so cake-y they would crumble on me and were as dry as the Sahara. This was a much better improvement.

IMG_20150715_110430Yum yum. It’s a light yet fudgy brownie, if you can see from the above picture. Pardon my ugly wrinkly hand.

As I’m writing this post about how yummy and chocolate-y these are, I’m turning myself into a goat – eating a bowl of plain salad greens with Japanese salad dressing. Trying very hard to make up for the amount of calories I’ve gained, but failing miserably #eatingclean #diet #vegetables 😦


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