S’more Brownies


These s’more brownies are so sinful you could go for confession straightaway after eating them.

A cracker crust, chocolate brownie base, followed by toasted marshmallow, this treat is loved by everyone. The chewy melted marshmallow, crunchy biscuit base, and cake-y brownie creates a whole new experience for the mouth. So many flavors and textures in one bite, but they all complement each other in both ways. Lovely.

I’ve gotten fat because I’ve been taste-testing these. Finally someone has bought them off my hands and allowed me to continue my diet. IMG_20150715_075359

I am now working on making a fudgier brownie, solely because so many people love that. I prefer an unfudgy brownie (because I feel less fat that way). But it’s time for me to put other people’s preferences before my own and work on a recipe for that. But this cake-y brownie recipe is great as of now 🙂

Don’t my marshmallows look lovely? The first time I tried to “suntan” them  I set them on fire. Literally. With a blowtorch. It was quite shocking. Especially when my helper came running into the kitchen yelling “Oh my god Jess did you put something on fire”.

If somebody could please give me some tips on how to lose weight, that would be perfect. I’ve been gaining weight for no reason this is terrible. Possibly because this has been quite a hectic and stressful week.

I can’t wait to go to Langkawi for a much needed weekend break before school starts. IMG_20150715_081900Also, I’m no longer going to baking school in London – the local university didn’t allow me to defer so I heeded my parent’s advice and remained here to study business. It’s terrible – I have stage fright and presentations are not my thing. But I guess it’s time to step out of my comfort zone as well as revamp my wardrobe because my new university is in town and I dress like a slob.

If any new creations pop into my head, I won’t hesitate to blog to you guys about it 🙂


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