Two-Tier Cake


This is my first attempt at making a two-tier cake and a covering a cake with fondant. Probably very unwise of me to try out two firsts on a friend’s birthday, but that’s why it took me a whole morning to decorate the cake.

Ensuring that a two-tier cake is stable starts from the very beginning of assembling the cake: the base cake has to be perfectly level, and this is achieved by layering the cake layers parallel to each other. Any imperfections and you can be sure the layers will slip off each other (which has happened to me before).

The second most important part is inserting dowels into the cake to support the second tier. Without them, the second tier will sink into the top of the bottom cake and it will look like Atlantis.

IMG_20150714_140751 (1)

I can’t really explain everything right now in detail because I have no pictures to demonstrate. All you have to know is that making a two tier is nerve wracking, especially when sliding the second tier onto the first – it takes a great deal of finger and wrist strength to stop yourself from trembling as you place the second tier in precisely the exact spot you need it to be.

My frosting skills leave much to be desired, but at least the cake has remained stable.

I’m really so blessed to have friends who trust me in making their 21st birthday cakes for them, even though I’m a noob and a beginner πŸ™‚ If you guys are reading this, THANKS GUYS.IMG_20150714_141113Another angle. I’m sorry I haven’t been posting anything lately. School camps and orders have been taking up much of my time, and planning a little holiday has been too. I’m prolly going to make some s’more brownies for an order, so I’ll update you on that when I can πŸ˜‰


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