Naked Red Velvet Cake


You know those days when you feel like creating something entirely new and novel for yourself, and an opportunity comes along which allows you to do just that? You’re just itching to make something but you want everyone to enjoy it and not just share it among the usual few who are getting very tired of eating all your sweet stuff?

Well, this red velvet cake was made specially for a wedding anniversary, requested by my mom. It’s a mini cake, only 5″ in diameter, but standing quite tall for such a small sized cake. Cream cheese frosting was used (as always), and I made the naked frosting imperfect because it looked more rustic and fun.

The great thing about semi-naked cakes (as I like to call them) is that they have just the right amount of frosting. I don’t really like slathering the entire cake in buttercream, because most of the time people don’t eat the cream because there’s too much of it relative to the actually cake. Such a waste.

I have a feeling I’m going to start making naked cakes my thing from now on.

IMG_20150630_095138This is my first time arranging flowers  onto a cake. I guess I need more practice in choosing the right flowers for the arrangement. Size, design, color etc all plays a role. And I guess I haven’t mastered that skill yet 😦

Never mind, practice is all we need to improve, and I have to make a strawberry chantilly cake for a friend of mine on Saturday, and I can’t wait to share that with you guys!


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