Double Chocolate Choco Chip Cupcake


These cupcakes are a chocolate lover’s dream.

I updated the recipe for the chocolate cupcake base so that it wasn’t as bitter and also made it fluffier. The result, as my mom put it: “It’s really fudgy, but not too sweet and really fluffy as well.” The best of three worlds, if I could so put it.

The topping consists of a layer of dark chocolate ganache, and then the top of the cupcake is dunked into a pile of crushed chocolate chips. Overall, it isn’t overly sweet and still retains a chocolate flavor, a lovely light cupcake. I’m quite happy with this recipe. So happy I may even stick with it.IMG_20150623_092013

I came up with this cupcake because I had no idea what to get my friend for her birthday, and the only thing I knew was that she loved chocolate and baby pink. So I decided to make a totally chocolate chocolate cupcake – the end result is what you see here.

This week is literally a hell week because I’m helping out in camps in school (which is 1.5 hours away from home) and have to juggle with orders as well. Travelling to and fro and enduring the long travel time coupled with the 35°Celsius weather is crazy. Imagine all the poor army boys rehearsing for NDP in their full uniform in such hot sun. It’s terrible.

Anyway, this is not an advertisement for Hershey’s Chocolates. IMG_20150623_095536

But I managed to make these because it took up literally 1 hour to make. I am not kidding. I only took 2 hours because I was busy taking photos and taste-testing. But overall, a real success. I love it! Even though I hate chocolate. Please don’t judge, I’ve been judged far too much this week 😦


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