My First Wedding Order


This photo was sent to me courtesy of the lovely bride. Only the mini cupcakes and macarons are made by me. What a lovely dessert table isn’t it! IMG_20150621_152954

Today marks the first wedding order I have had the honor to complete. Mini cupcakes and macarons had never been so stressful in my entire life. I had many a sleepless night worrying about my macarons because I’ve had a very horrible spree of failed batches for the last couple of orders.

But thankfully, everything turned out fine. My buttercream didn’t fail on me, my macarons were even and had a full foot, and the gold didt which I painted on didn’t make my macaron shells soggy. It was a success to me, all in all.


These are just flowers in my favorite hue of pink from the local grocery store which my mom randomly picked out for me. I have no idea what this species of flower is, but it is undeniably beautiful (and good to decorate cakes with).

This has nothing to do with my order. I just added it in because it looks quite gorgeous although being bumped around in the car a little.IMG_20150621_081843

Lavender earl grey, chocolate vanilla, and chocolate raspberry mini cupcakes which were packed into the box first before frosting. I just find that it helps make less of a mess, because there’s a high chance you could smudge some frosting while packing them after frosting. Speaking from experience here.IMG_20150620_232902

These are my golden streaked vanilla macarons. I have to say, these look quite lovely and very wedding-ish.IMG_20150620_175253Naked mini cupcakes before frosting began. They look so tiny and oh so petite. Extremely easy to eat too – you can just pop them right into your mouth like an M&M and you can enjoy the frosting and cake together. Awesome.

This has been an undeniably fun experience, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year has in stall for me before I go to London for 9 months 🙂


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