Tribute to Macarons


This post is exactly what the title says – a small tribute to macarons because I realized that I haven’t written anything about them at all.

Anyway, this is merely a dairy entry. The flavors you can see in this post have all been posted about, mainly: Red Velvet Macarons, Lavender Honey Macarons, Vanilla Macarons and Rose Macarons.

Oh. I realised I haven’t written a post about rose macarons yet. Well, this can be saved for the future! 🙂


I just finished two big birthday orders, of which I spent the entire morning from 8am to 5pm today doing.

A lot of things went wrong for the birthday cake. Which is a very big thing indeed. My buttercream separated on me (I used a Swiss Meringue Buttercream, my second time. Which was not a very good idea at all), and my cake looked like a mess. SO. I had to improvise, and by improvising I mean I took off the buttercream covering the sides of the cake and salvaged it to look like a semi-naked cake. It looks great, as many people whom I have showed the picture to agree – more about this particular cake in the next post tomorrow, but it was a very harrowing experience indeed.

Baking for people is a more stressful than I thought. More because I am afraid that I will be unable to live up to their expectation. Sometimes I lose sleep over the possibility that they may hate it, but that just spurs me on even more to try and make the best and prettiest cakes they ordered to make their money worthwhile.

It’s a whole lot of trust that people put in me, considering that they only see the pictures I post on Instagram and rely on mutual friends about how my baked goods taste. It’s a kind of trust I do not want to take advantage of or disappoint.

Which makes it even more pressurizing HAHA.IMG_20150611_103217And oh my goodness. This was supposed to be tribute to macarons, not a confession session. Anyway, I think I shall come up with a Macaron Troubleshooting Guide, but that will take a while. Especially if I plan to show you what the end results of what one might have done wrong will look like – and there are a lot of those.

Anyhow, just look out for that, but be patient about it 🙂


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