Lavender Earl Grey Cake


This rustic lavender earl grey cake was my honor to make for a lovely girl’s 21st birthday. The rosemary stalks were my friend’s personal request – but looking at how it turned out I think this MAY be my default design for this particular flavor. The simple swirl on the top of just adds a little bit more visual texture. Hooray!


I had a little test batch for this cake on Tuesday – and realized that the recipe I had come up with totally didn’t work. Stressed out and afraid I put my mind to work coming up with a simple, foolproof recipe which could incorporate the two distinct flavors boldly.

Luckily when I took a nibble of the trimmings off the layer cake it tasted good – which was when I heaved a sigh of relief. The previous recipe did not punctuate the earl grey taste AT ALL. But this did, and the lavender buttercream smelled so lavender-ish because I practically infused lavender with all parts of the frosting. IMG_20150612_113048

This is by far the largest cake I have made – a monstrosity of 10″ in diameter and 4.5″ in height. I was worried it wouldn’t fit into the cake box but it was a very smart idea to cut off the a centimeter from each layer – and it fit just nicely into the box. *pat myself on the back*

Stacking the layers of the cake is probably the most important part to the assembly of a cake. Possibly because if one layer is lopsided your whole cake will look like the Leaning Tower of Pisa and that doesn’t look nice at all. No offence meant to any country, but if you’re selling cakes it shouldn’t look anything other than straight.

Another tip is that you should definitely make an effort to even out the frosting between each layer. This helps to make the cake even too.

Anyway, I couldn’t sleep because I was worried it wouldn’t fit into the cake box, or if the rosemary leaves wouldn’t stick to the cake. (Now that I look back, I was pretty paranoid.) But thank goodness they could, and they did. And when I moved it from place to place they didn’t drop off.

I specially ordered some lavender stalks, and the lovely deep, purple hues of the fresh flowers add such a lovely splash of color to this otherwise pale cake. I wish I could have some olive branches in Singapore though, because that would have fit this cake design perfectly.


But Singapore’s flora and fauna is so boring, other than our orchids. They’re our national flower by the way 😀

Anyway this last picture is a side view (obviously) of the cake. I just really like the lavender flowers. My customer really has good taste! 😀


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