Chocolate Wafer Brownie Cookies – An Accidental Creation


When I mean an accidental creation, I mean this was a totally failed cookie of a recipe which I was trial testing, and which turned out to be actually quite tasty.

I guess that’s how people come up with all this sorts of food.

I actually wanted to make a fudge cookie, one with the lizard-scales and which look absolutely gorgeous. But I probably added too much liquid in my recipe (in the form of whipped eggs, melted butter and chocolate) so it became extremely flat. Wafer-thin, as you can see from my pictures below. IMG_20150610_151547

The great thing about is – it tastes exactly like a brownie, except in cookie form. All I have to do is adjust the proportions in the recipe and I’m on my way. I’ve been eating so many of these I’m falling sick. AGAIN.

I only cooked this for 15 minutes, so it’s chewy. But if I did want to bake this for 25 minutes it will be crunchy yet melt in your mouth. Cool huh?IMG_20150610_151638

Even the oldies think it’s awesome – achieving a chocolate cookie which isn’t too sweet is kind of hard to do (in my opinion). Just eating my chocolate macaron nearly killed me with diabetes in that single bite.

I should improve on my macaron recipes :/


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