Classic Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies


After countless trial tests (which failed), I have finally ended up with a recipe that I am quite satisfied with. Cookies had been a major challenge at one point because I hated the way they looked – but I’ve achieved the right consistency of batter, and the results are amazing (if I say so myself). Time to experiment further after getting this basic recipe done and dealt with 🙂


I know you’ve seen me making cookies before this, but just compare how they look compared to how this batch looks – a world of a difference. I managed to maintain the flavor, which is what I wanted because there was nothing wrong with it.

The cookies have a crispy exterior and a chewy interior , with sweetness blended in due to the chocolate chips folded into the batter. So rustic, so cafe style, so yummy ❤

OK I’m just blabbing. But moving on. IMG_20150607_142902

If anybody ever does anything nice for me (like treat me to dinner or something for whatever reasons) this will definitely be what I’m gonna make for them as a way of saying thank you. Firstly, it takes less than 30 min to prepare and bake. Secondly, there are chocolate chips – who doesn’t like chocolate chips? Actually, I don’t, but that’s why people call me a weirdo. And thirdly – it’s a COOKIE. Who doesn’t like cookies? Even I love cookies geez.


Just look at those cracks, those crevasses, those ravines, those valleys, those canyons, those craters.

Okay I’m spouting nonsense. I just feel kinda happy right now 😀


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