Black Forest Tartlettes


This tart is so easy to make I could make it in my sleep.

Okay that was just an exaggeration, but it really is a no-bake black forest tart – consisted of an Oreo cookie base, a chocolate ganache filling, fresh cherries and whipped cream infused with brandy. Yummy and delicious and so easy to make.

However, I could only make 2 tartlettes because well…I got the proportion of butter to cookies in my crust wrong, so it started to fall apart on me 😦 Never mind, next time I know never to experiment by eye. Actually, that’s how I came up with the recipe for my cupcakes and what-not: I just looked at the batter, it’s consistency, and then kept altering the proportions of ingredients according to taste and ended up with quite a satisfactory result.

But pastry is much more different. IMG_20150606_123843

I would have made a chocolate pate sablee, but I am sick (recovering from a fever, stupid Singapore weather. It’s been so hot I think if I put my pate sablee out into the sun it would bake by itself) so I made this simple tart.

For the past few days, I’ve just been lying in bed doing nothing whilst the huge bag of cherries specially hand-carried all the way back from China by my best friend’s father was sitting in the fridge.

This was actually meant to be given to his family, but I messed up the crust (as I said before) and I was scared it would crumble on me while transporting it. Poodoo. Oh well, be prepared to see your feed being spammed with weird black-forest desserts over the next week XD


This is the ganache filling – a lovely glossy something. I added in half a tablespoon of honey to give it that extra shiny sheen. Lovely. And the cherries are really THAT red.

I also whipped the cream up by hand – my only form of exercise done over the past month apart from climbing up and down the stairs to go the pantry to get some chips to eat.


I should start exercising :/


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