S’mores Cupcakes


S’mores Cupcakes (Revisited).

A classic rendition of the campfire s’mores snack (which includes a biscuit, chocolate bars, and roasted marshmallows clumped together to form a sandwich), this cupcake has a chocolate cupcake base, a layer of chocolate ganache which is sprinkled with crushed Digestives, and a marshmallow frosting with a hint of vanilla.  The frosting is then toasted with a kitchen blowtorch. More than once have I accidentally burnt off a bit of my cupcake liner (oops).IMG_20150603_100113

The secret to good marshmallow frosting – a meringue whipped to stiff peaks. IMG_20150531_181102

This is a breakdown of the process of assembling this cupcakes. Much hardwork and time has been given to create one of these cupcakes – but it is so worth the wait, especially when you bite into the cloud-like marshmallow frosting 😀IMG_20150531_182029

There are lots of different frosting techniques I could have used for this cupcake, but I decided to stick with the classic cupcake swirl – it allows the cupcake to showcase some lovely billowy curves, and the grooves of the swirl creates aesthetic orgasms after torched. This frosting technique was probably made for this cupcake. Also, the lovely beak of the top of the frosting is just so cute and makes it look so natural. IMG_20150601_095610  I think I just got diabetes after looking at this picture :O


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