Mini Cupcakes


I am totally, extremely honored to be asked to cater cupcakes and macarons for a lovely couple’s wedding – my very first! I am obviously very nervous, and being the paranoid perfectionist (that I am when it comes to making things for other people) I decided to start practicing and perfecting the mini frosting (which is quite hard to do I tell you) on these chocolate minis.

It was great, lots of things I’ve learned from this first practice run, but at least I got the shade of pink that I needed. Also, the cupcakes look much better in real life, because I took these pictures early in the morning and the light is terrible. I really need to invest in a better camera.


Loving the simple drop frosting (the one with many grooves). So classy and elegant in my opinion.

Also, those sugar flowers are homemade by yours truly โค I used normal rolled fondant, but dried it out over the afternoon so that I got this rock-hard sugar flower. Please don’t refrigerate rolled fondant because they’ll get sloppy and wet when taken out because of condensation (learnt the hard way by again, yours truly <3).IMG_20150528_134922The holidays have come off to a good start. I’m trying to teach myself how to play a guitar. The tips of my fingers are already rough and peeling (eew), but at least I can play three chords!! A huge milestone for someone who has lived on the planet for 20 years and not touched a musical instrument in her entire life (except for a triangle, rectangle and those clappy clam-like looking things).

Adios amigos, and until my next foodie experiment ๐Ÿ™‚


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