Chocolate Speculoos Macarons


Chocolate Speculoos Macarons.

I think I should buy a type of cocoa powder that would make my macarons browner. To give the macarons a more unique appearance, I sprinkled some Biscoff cookies I crumbled in my hands. The speculoos buttercream is rich yet fluffy at the same time.

I still have to practice piping the correct size of macarons – mine are ginormous compared to the standard sized macaron, and I guessed that’s why my macaron shells aren’t crunchy. Dang.


At least they still look alright! Anyway, these chewy macarons seem to be more well-received amongst the older generation (my mom’s friends).

And I have some news everyone.

I have been accepted into Le Cordon Bleu, London for the Patisserie Diploma. I’ll be in the UK for 9 months straight. To be honest, I am quite nervous – this idea of making new friends in a foreign country is extremely scary for me (especially since I am socially awkward). Also, I read lots of blogs that described the life of some students who attended the Patisserie Diploma – by the third week the adjectives “exhausting”, “stressful”, and “nerve-wracking” started to appear. Also, the crazy time limit of each practical exam is just that – crazy. I feel like timing myself now when I make cakes.

IMG_20150521_163221Anyway, back to these macarons.

Definitely should not use crinkled baking paper when I’m making macarons next time – that’s why some of them are deformed 😥


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