Pear and Almond Tartlettes


I realized I hadn’t baked any tarts for my parents in a while, and so suggestions were made to turn the canned pears in the fridge into something more enjoyable to eat – hence the production of these pear and almond tartlettes.

The recipe for these beauties aren’t mine, and you can find them here on Epicurious. They are very simple to make, but be sure to read the instructions carefully, because you may miss out some important steps because the instructions are all in paragraphs.

Also, pate sablee is very hard to roll into the pan, so don’t panic when it breaks and falls apart on you – the end result will be a flaky, biscuit-y crust. Just press it into the moulds and you’ll be fine. IMG_20150520_095721

The recipe called for homemade poached pears (instructions on how to cook them are given in the recipe) but you can use canned pears as well. It would be nicer if the pears were fresh, but it’s really up to you. If you have a lot of time on your hands, why not?

IMG_20150520_095859You can arrange the pear slices whichever way you’d like – I arranged mine into a fan because it looks visually appealing this way. I also decorated each with a slightly sprinkling of sliced, roasted almonds – this small addition goes a long way in making the tartlette more appetising. 🙂

Happy baking!


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