Black Forest Cupcakes


I finally found cherries in the supermarket!!

It is exactly the same as my previous black forest cupcakes, except that I improved on the aesthetics immensely. And I haven’t posted for a month because I finished my finals two weeks ago, and just came back from Bali three days ago. I went diving there, and when the pictures come out I’ll share it with you here!


Anyway, back to the cupcakes. These cupcakes consist of a simple chocolate cake base, filled with pitted cherries that were soaked in syrup (can-bought). The whipped cream topping is flavored with a little bit of brandy, and I grated a touch of chocolate over the cupcakes just to emphasize the black forest reference. A fresh cherry was also meticulously plonked on the top.

The cream is light and fluffy, and a delightful contrast to the heavy and moist cupcake base – the cherry filling gives some texture contrast as well and I think this is one of the best recipes I have managed to create to date. IMG_20150518_090800-02Oh goodness look at my vein-y hands. 11 years of gymnastics for you.

I can’t wait to come up with more creations – I was inspired by the flavors in Bali, especially because of the coffee and tea combinations and flavors that I was given to try in the coffee plantations in Ubud, the town in the mountains. Anyway, look forward to my posts of Bali!


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