Fallen Dark Chocolate Souffle Cake


This sunken dark chocolate soufflé cake recipe is not mine – I nicked it from BonAppetit, so do go on ahead and check it out!

It’s a lovely luscious chocolatey cake, but since there is hardly any flour it resembles very much like a brownie – eggs are used to bind the ingredients together with the help of a little cocoa powder, and whipped egg whites help the cake to rise. So since there is no flour, after baking the middle of the cake droops in providing a lovely little cavity for you to spread on mascarpone cheese, or as I have done, top it with a mixture of fresh fruits.


If you’re wondering how I managed to make my fruits so shiny, I melted some apricot jam and mixed it with a little bit of water to form a sweet syrup. Then I brushed it over the top of the berries to give it a shiny finish, as well as to give the berries a little extra sweet tartness from the jam. The jam also prevents the berries from browning too quickly due to oxidation.


This cake is rather a crumbly mixture, but it is to be expected.

Also, please don’t open the oven door halfway through baking – it will cause your cake to collapse and your mixture will droop all over the place. It’s a terrible mess to clean up.

Have fun baking! Remember the recipe is not mine, so do check it out on the link provided at the top of this post 🙂


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