Lemon Raspberry Cake


I should really invest in a proper camera 😦

This layer cake is made up of lemon sponge and a simple raspberry buttercream – a lovely combination which my mother adored as she ate it for breakfast. FINALLY managed to make the buttercream less sweet and hence appetizing for a 51 year old *punch fist into the air*


I made the buttercream by melting frozen raspberries into a pot and then simmering it down until it formed a thick, deeper-red-than-blood, concentrated raspberry puree –  it was however, a huge waste of raspberries because it took 12 oz of raspberries just to frost a 6-inch cake and so I shall stick to raspberry jam next time.

There are some improvements I would like to make to my lemon sponge cake however, and as of now I have no choice but to leave it for further experimentation in the future. It was probably because I used all purpose flour rather than cake flour – I found my cake quite grainy like a sugee cake, unlike the fluffy texture I usually have with cake flour.


Well, I daresay my frosting skills have improved, albeit slightly – straight sides, and no funny knobbly bumps on the exterior. I should come up with more decorating ideas – I shall opt for a minimalistic decorating technique. Also, my layers are aligned with one another perfectly – hooray!

I conclude that this was a very successful bake-venture 😀


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