Raspberries and Cream Eclairs


These are probably the easiest flavor of eclairs ever known to mankind to execute.

Not only do you not have to bother poking holes and squeezing filling into each and every eclair (which is a huge chore, I can tell you first), the filling is just a simple whipped chantilly cream with a sprinkling of fresh raspberries – but the difference in texture and refreshing taste of the chilled cream is to die for.

The cream is extremely light and fluffy and not dense at all – I added a slight dusting of icing sugar while it was whipping in an attempt to make it even stiffer (I think it worked?). The tartness of the berry wakes up the mouth as well.

And damn it, I ate two of these when I’m supposed to be on a diet.


I tried to dry out my eclairs by starting the oven temperature off at 200° celsius fan, but that was obviously a mistake because when I lowered it down to 160° fan some of my eclairs collapsed because of the vast difference in temperature – whoops. I’m going to try baking mine at a regular 160 fan oven for 45 minutes and then drying them out for another 10 min on low heat – cross my fingers and hope that it works!IMG_20150420_094953Please have mercy on my frosting – it was my first attempt at a rope design with my 1M tip and I think it failed – or maybe it was just because I was using whipped cream. Whipped cream is (obviously) softer than normal buttercream icing, so the rope shape probably wouldn’t have appeared as prominent as it should have.

Well, fret not! I will always have other times to make some ‘gourmet’ eclairs! 😀


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