Raspberry Vanilla Macarons


I have finally gotten the shade of pink I wanted ❤

I was aiming at fuchsia pink, and I think this is as close as I can get. Coloring your macarons is especially tricky, because the color will fade as it cooks in the oven – two tips on how to battle this:

1. Make the macaronage (macaron batter before cooking) a slight shade darker than what you want it to be in order to make up for the loss in color during the cooking process.

2. If you can find it, use powdered coloring – it won’t fade in the oven as much as food gel (you should use gel coloring, instead of liquid coloring, because liquid coloring will affect the viscosity of the macaronage too much – making it too flowy and hence cause it to look overbeaten and eventually have no feet, unless you’re careful enough). IMG_20150417_080223

I also managed to get the smooth, shiny top classic of every macaron – this is where the folding of the egg whites into the almond/icing sugar mixture comes in. You have to get the consistency of flowy lava before you can pipe.

I get a rough idea by scooping some batter up with a spatula and letting it run slowly down into the bowl – the batter should slowly amalgamate with the rest of the macaronage in roughly 20 seconds.

As long as it doesn’t look too liquid-y and still maintain it’s shape in the bowl, you’re safe – it’s better to be under-mixed than over-mixed!IMG_20150417_081543

If you notice, there are tiny little bumps on the top of my macarons – that’s because I didn’t poke the small bubbles after tapping the piped shells on my counter-top.

Larger bubbles will cause the shell to crack in the oven, and this will not do at all.


Anyway, the breakdown of my raspberry vanilla macarons is a vanilla buttercream surrounding a little piped dome of raspberry jam – yummy. This is my favorite flavor by the way – the tartness of the jam compliments the sweetness of the buttercream entirely. Also, this macaron is in the shade of my favorite color 🙂

Still having some problems getting the crunchy shell  – I’m experimenting with cooking times to get the correct texture and crispiness for my size of macarons. Oh well, slow and easy does it!


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