Red Velvet Cookies


I have a total obsession with cookies right now.

These red velvet cookies posed a huge problem for me – this was my third attempt at making them (yes, I know, I’m kinda lousy). For my 1st attempt, I added too much cocoa powder, so the red food coloring was not as visible as I wanted it to be.

For the 2nd attempt, I added too much flour so my cookies were like dough balls. Yummy dough balls too. And this is the result of my third attempt – TADA. I’m quite happy with them although there is definitely room for improvement.

IMG_20150413_101613 (1)

I should really buy a cookie scoop to make sure I get nice round balls of dough and equally nice round cookies in the future – aesthetics! I’m totally not good at rolling my dough into balls, especially since my dough is reasonably wet and keeps sticking to my hands and fingers. Messy 😦

Also, depending on how wet your batter is, a lower temperature will cause your cookies to spread wide and far – I think it may also help to make it more chewy because it won’t get cooked as fast as on higher temperatures. That’s what I discovered during my failed attempts, so my optimum temperature for baking cookies is 160ΒΊC. Just a hint. πŸ˜‰IMG_20150413_093939These cookies are the chewiest cookies you will ever set your teeth on – and it was very well-received too πŸ™‚ so happy! I can’t wait to think of more ideas – maybe healthier ones, so that my parents can enjoy them without being so health-conscious about their arteries getting clogged.

Now, it’s time for me to start studying on how to become a business lawyer :O


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