“Cookies for the Soul”: Triple Chocolate Cookies


This will probably be the last time I’m baking and posting for the next 3 weeks (my apologies, for study calls). Also, you will probably guess that my latest obsession is with cookies – and I think I am getting the aesthetics right faster than expected 🙂


Featured here is my new cookie – a chocolate cookie base with triple chocolate chips folded into the dough: white chocolate chips, chocolate chips, and butterscotch morsels. Oh my goodness, the most sinful cookie ever.

I love this recipe because the cookies don’t taste too chocolate-y, so they aren’t very rich and can be enjoyably eaten without feeling so fat and sinful. I think that this will be my go-to recipe for cookies for the soul.

That’s it, I shall dub this my ultimate “Cookies for the Soul” for depressed and stressed and fed-up-with-life people. IMG_20150410_122259

Goodness, I just feel hungry looking at this picture. It’s a chewy cookie, with a crispy exterior and a cake-y interior – I just love this sort of texture, especially with the chocolate chip morsels scattered around. Eeks, I’m quite happy about this ❤

I still have to practice getting these cookies perfectly round – my dough-ball rolling skills leave much to be desired 😦


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