Coconut Almond Bundt Cake


Coconut almond bundt cake, topped with coconut cream glaze and a light sprinkling of toasted coconut and almond slices.

Perfection. IMG_20150323_153408

Beautiful white flowers. I feel so awful cutting them off from my mother’s flowers (especially when I heard my helper wail “Ahhh you cut my flowers!!!” as I was tottering around in the pantry rummaging for my slicer). But it really did add a lovely wedding-like touch to the cake.

There was a balanced taste of almond and coconut in this cake – the shredded coconut which I added to the batter before baking added a little crunchiness to the bundt cake which I just adore. The next time any of my parent’s guests come over, I will definitely be baking this beauty and displaying it this way. Rustic and simple yet attractive. IMG_20150323_153455

I under-estimated how large my bundt pan actually was. I certainly have to double my recipe the next time I bake a bundt cake. Bundt cakes only look lovely if they’re nice and tall. But at least this was a try-out recipe, which tasted great, so it didn’t go to waste. IMG_20150323_153134My cake is just a little bit crumbly – I used my cupcake recipe but altered the ingredients a little. It’s still fluffy, but I really need to reduce the amount of leavening I put in my recipe the next time I make pound cakes. Grrr.


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