Chocolate Bundtlettes with Speculoos Glaze


Aww yissss.



Because I can’t get enough of them. IMG_20150305_091826

After very valuable feedback that the cake was slightly too crumbly – probably because I used leftover cupcake batter for the previous bundtlettes – I created a new recipe and whoops the cakes hold much better when a slice is cut out from them. Excellent. The next step will be to try out a different method to make the cakes slightly more airy and less dense. But this shall have to wait til after mid-terms. Which ends today. And that’s mainly the reason why I woke up at 7am to write this so I wouldn’t lose out on time to mug. Hohoho.

Definitely need to improve on the biscoff glaze though – I need to make it thicker and yet fluid enough for it to flow down the ridges of the cake. Aesthetics aesthetics aesthetics!!


I just love my cheese board. It makes everything look so pretty. Mainly because I don’t have many interesting surfaces situated under good lighting for my baked goods to look appealing. I prefer to take my photos outdoors – all these photos are taken under natural lighting at around 9-10am with hardly any editing. Just tweaks on the brightness but that’s it.

A little bit of trivia – I use my camera phone for all the photos that you’ve seen in all my blog posts.

IMG_20150305_091558Yupp. The interior of the cake is certainly moist, but a little too dense for my liking. Probably because I used my pound cake recipe, but I have to improve on that one…hmmm. Time to whip out the recipe book and make some amendments.

Also, I am very sad because my mixer broke and I had to whip egg whites BY HAND until they had STIFF PEAKS which took me 20minutes of non-stop whipping in order to make my friend some S’mores Cupcakes. It was definitely the worst half an hour of my entire life.


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