Chingay Parade 2015

Photo credits: GohRaymondPhotography

Photo credits: GohRaymondPhotography

This is obviously not my photo because I was dancing on the F1 track while this photo was taken and enjoying the bird’s eye view of the fireworks. But signing up for the Chingay Parade was probably one of the best decisions of my life. Although it did take up a lot of time (for people who went for all rehearsals – I only went for the final full dress rehearsal the day because I’m a slacker) it was an experience I will never forget.

Photo credits: St Google

Photo credits: St Google

Fire-blowers, lion dancers zip-lining along floats, enormous dragons, an enormous firework display and confetti being blown over the performers during the finale was a magical experience which I definitely won’t exchange anything for.

This year’s Chingay Parade was apparently exceptionally grand because Singapore is celebrating it’s 50th birthday and the live telecast was broadcasted to 27 other countries around the globe. Other countries were also invited to perform in the parade – I recognized Japan, Indonesia, China, an African country and a Western country. Not too sure about the latter 2 because I didn’t see flags on their floats nor on the performer’s costumes anywhere.


“When I say 1,2,3 throw the confetti into the air so it looks like it’s still raining down on us okay?”

The atmosphere of excitement and euphoria was contagious as we danced onto the track to the welcoming cheers of the audience and commentator. It was incredibly hot for the dancers though, because we danced and ran for 20min around the track. By the end of it all we had probably lost 200ml of sweat. The first 3 dances were in front of the grandstand at the track, so I couldn’t mess up my moves (which thankfully, I did not) because these people paid for their tickets. Towards the end of the track were informal yellow barriers put up right next to the road and the audience were within an arms length distance from us. That was fun because I just thought “to hell with the moves I’ll have some fun” and started waving to the audience and blowing kisses at the camera if it came up to me. At the final dance we ran past the audience shouting and WOOHOO-ing and hi-fiving their outstretched palms. It was amazing.


This is a personal shot taken before the actual parade started with our float – we represented the National University of Singapore. Wanna guess which Mad Hatter I am? 🙂


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