Hydrangea Cupcakes


The flavor for this cupcake is actually extremely simple. A chocolate cupcake base with simple vanilla frosting. I just made the frosting look more appealing because it’s a rather boring flavor combination (but people seem to like it) and I wanted the cupcake to look more interesting.

Anyway, I divided the frosting into two batches and dyed them different colors. I Googled hydrangea colors, and this was the most common, so I stuck with these. Anyway, none of my cupcakes are this shade anyway.

What real hydrangeas look like.

What real hydrangeas look like.


My hydrangea frosted cupcakes. Not bad huh! 😀

Well, I have a very bad news.

I’m participating in Singapore’s Chingay Parade, which means that I won’t be able to update my blog for 1.5 weeks because I’m going to be staying on in hall from tomorrow until the end of next week. Even worse – it means you’ll have to see me prancing around on National TV in a jester costume and face paint, randomly flinging my arms about and probably doing the chicken dance because I can’t remember the dance at all.

So I baked these cupcakes to cheer me up during my long stay in school. And also because midterms are looming up next week. Boo.

I was also quite annoyed that my psychology lecturer did not take the liberty of telling us that we did in fact, have a mid-term exam. I only discovered it 6 days before the actual test when I chanced upon the information randomly in my school work portal and my eyes literally popped out of my head. Also, he did not teach us any content from the textbook whatsoever and I had to memorize about 200 pages worth of new knowledge in a handful of days. I’m raging about this because it totally takes the fun out of studying and learning new things by adding extra un-needed stress 😦

IMG_20150225_124631Sigh. At least I have my pretty cupcakes to keep me company in the fridge, unless they get nabbed by some thief, which happens quite often in hall nowadays since they know I bake cupcakes and they’re a bunch of cheap dudes XD


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