Raspberry Passionfruit Cupcakes

IMG_20150223_140707The smell of freshly baked raspberry swirled cupcakes was so good at 9am in the morning. I totally regret making only 6 cupcakes now. But sigh, I did say I would be going on a diet from today onward to lose all that CNY fats.

I used frozen raspberries because well…they were in my fridge and I thought it would be a waste to well…waste them. I also decided to pair it with passionfruit because well…they were also in my fridge, and I wanted to use them before it turned bad and, therefore, get wasted.

IMG_20150223_140922I really can’t wait for my cupcake pan to arrive from Amazon so that my cupcakes will be tall and straight instead of looking like a flower pot. My first order got cancelled for some transport reason. I was a wee bit upset, but that’s alright. Patience is a virtue I wish to master.

I love this two-toned frosting. Totally worth the time and effort in my opinion.

And if you can’t remember, I promised you this specifically yellow and pink colored frosting back in my entry Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes, because the flowers I used as extra decoration had such a pretty two-toned petals. Plus the flavor profile of this cupcake totally matches the frosting color.

See? I keep to my word 😉

IMG_20150223_140802I daresay my piping is getting slightly better!

UPDATE: My mom just came back from Norway and I got a shock at 8pm when she suddenly shouted my name from downstairs. I ran out of my room and was shouting “Whatwhatwhat!?” and leaning over the stairs when she yelled: “Your raspberry passionfruit cupcakes are amazing!”

Yay. I feel quite happy now 🙂 It is a tad sweet as my father pointed out, but that can’t be helped because that’s the sour-sweet taste of the fresh passionfruit juice in the icing (sorry Dad).  ><


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